Glucose is a simple sugar, and is very prevalent in many foods. In fact, it is the main way plants store energy, mostly as starch, which is made up of long strings of glucose. Almost all the starches we eat


Definition Acetaminophen with codeine is a drug that combines acetaminophen, a nonprescription painkiller (analgesic), with codeine, an opium-based painkiller. It belongs to the family of drugs called opioid analgesics. Purpose Acetaminophen with codeine is used to treat mild to moderately

Abdominal pain

Definition of abdominal pain Discomfort in the abdominal cavity. Symptoms accompanying abdominal pain may include belching, nausea, vomiting, rumbling and gurgling noises, and flatulence (wind). Causes of abdominal pain Mild abdominal pain is common and is often due to excessive

Acute abdomen

Definition of “Acute abdomen” The medical term for persistent, severe abdominal pain, of sudden onset, that is usually associated with spasm of the abdominal muscles, vomiting, and fever. Causes of acute abdomen The most common cause of an acute abdomen


Definition of term “Abdomen” The body area between the chest and the pelvis.The abdominal cavity is bounded by the ribs and diaphragm above, and by the pelvis below, with the spine and abdominal muscles forming the back, side, and front